Owen Kwong was born on May 21, the first day of Gemini. He was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In high school he focused on Culinary Arts and also played on the basketball team. After his first year in drama class his teacher told him never to come back. Owen did not go back to acting till he was in his 20’s. He booked his very first professional audition for a Buick car commercial, he also booked his very first modelling go-see. Owen is also an experienced model and loves fashion. His first booked TV gig was Fringe created by JJ Abrams also the creator of Lost his favourite TV show. Since then he has worked on Arrow, Covert Affairs and Alcatraz to name a few. He enjoys sports and frequently stays active. Owen loves travelling and would love to see more of the world someday. He strongly believes in paying it forward, always willing to help out someone in need. Owen enjoys telling jokes and making people laugh. He is constantly training and learning about acting. He aspires to become a great story teller, making interesting films and playing complex characters. “You only live life once so why not make it the best possible one for yourself.”