News and Announcements:
July 5 / 2017
Back from Mexico this morning and already 3 auditions I need to prepare for.
 June 17/ 2017
Last night I was filming on a new TV comedy. The cast and crew were so welcoming and fantastic to work with. It was great to have a sit down chat about the character with the director before we shot. It definitely helped me in my performance. One of my best experiences on set. I can’t wait for you all to see it!
June 16/ 2017
Once again I am filming just before leaving the city for a couple of months. I really got to stop doing this. It’s a bit overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong I am very grateful.
June 8/ 2017
No rest for the wicked. Except right now. Goodnight everybody!
May 31/2017
What a month it has been! Lots of lows and some highs. I’ve been trying to figure out my next move. Lots of stuff going on in my personal life. A year ago I had the best month of my life. This May has definitely been one of my toughest. But what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. I just try to keep as positive as much as I can and know that things will just work out. At my very low point this month, I got a call from my agent at 1030pm telling me I booked a role. I was freaking ecstatic. The next day my agents both sent me an audition each. As they say, when it rains it pours. Funny because that’s exactly how the rain is here in Toronto. I also celebrated my birthday. It was great seeing my friends that were able to make it. Keep calm and keep moving forward.
March 28/ 2017
Had a fantastic time working on the film Girl yesterday. Thanks to Elston Wong and Victoria Wong and the rest of the crew for having me be a part of it. Next up. I have two auditions to prepare for. There’s no rest for the wicked. LOL
January 28/2017
Gung Hay Fat Choi! Happy Chinese new year everyone!
January 9/ 2017
I just arrived in LA to further pursue my dreams. Jk! Just for vacation. And guess what it’s raining. Damn you rain why do you always follow me where ever I go…
January 2/ 2017
What a fantastic year 2016! The year of the monkey. From other people’s post, it didn’t seem to go as well. But this year was full of ups and downs for me too. It was quite the roller coaster ride. Lots of first for me. Also had the best week of my life back in May, acting in Blood and Water with a recurring role, celebrating my birthday in both Toronto and Vancouver the next day. My sister got engaged and my grandmother turned 90 years old. This year I appeared on a well-known talk show, was on a few billboards, a couple of commercials, a movie, and a TV Show. Finally, all my hard work has paid off. But I know this is only the beginning there will still be a lot of hurdles to jump. Life is about achieving health, wealth, and happiness. In 2015 I’d say I had one out of the three. In 2016 I believe I am much closer to having all three. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop striving for more. In 2017 I am going to put the peddle to the metal and really push to get to the next level. I wish my friends and family the very best in 2017. May you all find what you are looking for. To summarize 2016. Yes! Without a doubt the best year of my life!
December 4 / 2016
What a great day working on filming and making new friends.  
November 29 / 2016
I just flew back to Vancouver last night. The first text I got when I landed was from my agent. Now I need to book a flight back to Toronto to shoot the project. LOL! You wanna book work? Just book a flight! haha!
November 20 / 2016
Wow! What a busy week!! I can finally breath now! You really don’t know what you are capable of until you are put to the test. Juggling auditions and work is not an easy task. I barely even slept, but was able to make it all happen.
November 14 / 2016
Thank you for the great review on Blood and Water John Doyle !! Glad you enjoyed our show.
November 13 / 2016
The season premier of Blood and Water will be airing tonight at 10:30pm EST.
November 9 / 2016
Catch me on Breakfast Television tomorrow morning along with Lily Gao and Loretta Yu. We’ll be interviewed by Tanya Kim. Wish me luck!
October 20 / 2016
Blood and Water along with Kim’s Convenience and Second Jen are important to the change in the film and TV World – to also tell stories of Asian people. We are all equal. Lets put a stop to white washing. Hopefully this will end all the negative stereotypes us Asians have had to endure. These shows are hopefully a start of things to come and hopefully Hollywood will catch on soon. Please take a second to like the page. Your support is greatly appreciated.
October 11 / 2016
Checkout Kim’s Convenience tonight!
A Comedy about Korean family living in Toronto Regent Park .
My homeboy Simu Liu is in it too.
October 8 / 2016 
Check out my friends Dalmar Abuzeid and Shadia Ali on the new show Shoot the Messenger!
September 14 / 2016
See my friend Kevin Pattee on this season of Bachelorette Canada . Go get em tiger! 
June 27/2016
What a fantastic day working on Suddenly Santa with Danica McKelller, James Head and Christine Kim. I can’t wait to see it!!
June 29/ 2016
2 days filming, 2 auditions, 2 hour sleep and 2 more auditions to go. Who needs sleep… I’ll sleep when I’m dead.
June 20/ 2016
My first audition back in Vancouver and it’s a booking for a Hallmark movie – Suddenly Santa. Starring Danica McKellar ! Let’s keep the ball rolling.
June 1/ 2016
And that is a wrap for Blood and Water! What a fantastic experience. The cast and crew were the best. I hope I will get another chance to work with these wonderful people.
May 23/ 2016
What an amazing week this was jammed packed with all kinds of great stuff. My wonderful grandma had her 90th birthday. She has always been there for me and has always supported me in everything I have ever wanted to do. After all I am her favorite. ;) I started shooting my first day for Blood and Water and had a interview for TV-eh. I was reunited with an old friend from grade school and we acted in a scene together. Wednesday I auditioned for a blockbuster movie being directed by my favorite director. I filmed a fantastic scene on Thursday with the two leads of the show. I didn’t feel like it was my best work. But the next day my friend said the director and producers said that it was very good. My cast mate said that everyone on set was talking about how I killed it the other night. I was so relieved to hear that. We are our toughest critic. On Friday I celebrated my birthday with some friends and had a blast. The very next day I few to Vancouver and landed at 630pm and went to a restaurant at 9pm to celebrated my birthday part 2 with my friends from Vancouver. So nice to see my wonderful friends and catch up with them. Woke up for dim sum with my family and my aunt from San Francisco. Also my sister announced that she got engaged. I am so happy for her. Pretty amazing week if you ask me. This might literally be the best week of my life.
May 19/ 2016
What an amazing day of shooting on Blood and Water ! I had so much fun. I have the best job in the world.
May 16/ 2016
Been up for 24 hours now. Worked a full day on set. Got dialect coaching. Had a interview with @GregDavid from TV-Eh for Blood and Water. What a way to get a full days worth of work.
May 10/2016
It’s official! I can finally tell you the big project I booked. I will be joining the cast of BloodandWater. I am so honord to be a part of this production. A story about a Chinese family. Also I will be working with my friends Simu Liu, Loretta Yu and Elfina Luk.
May 7/ 2016
I had a fantastic time at the table read yesterday. So many talented people at work. The cast and crew were a great bunch of people to work with. I feel so blessed.
April 29/ 2016
After years of struggling in the film and TV industry and getting hundreds and hundreds of no’s. Even moving across Canada for better opportunity. Contemplating if I should quit the industry and get a 9-5 job. I finally got a yes. And a big ‪#‎YES‬! This is the break I have been looking for. I want to thank all of my amazing ‪#‎friends‬ for always being there for me. You know who you are. I will let you know what the role is for when I’ve been giving the okay. Thank you universe!
 April 13/ 2016
I had the great pleasure of being directed by Sean Garrity yesterday. So much fun working under his guidance. I hope to have the opportunity to do it again in the future.
April 3/ 2016
What a crazy week this was. I did a night shoot on Monday and then worked 8am Tuesday and 830am on Wednesday. About 14 hr each day. On top of all that I had to make it to two auditions. Then Thursday came along yay!! I can sleep in now. Wrong another audition for a sci-fi show and a huge audition on Friday that I had to prepare in Cantonese, Mandarin and English that’s all. Wow what a jam packed week. One of the busiest weeks I’ve ever had. Feeling blessed for these amazing opportunities. Waiting to hear back on some really good roles. The feedback was very good. Like my agent always says “When it rains it pours” Hopefully this time around it falls in my favor. On Thursday was my two year anniversary living in Toronto. I’ve met some pretty fantastic people. I’m excited to see what else is in store for me. Thank you Universe for keeping my life interesting. Now let’s make the rest of 2016 a memorable one.
February 28/ 2016
Not watching the Oscar tonight. But not for obvious reasons. Just busy preparing for an audition. Working towards getting my own Oscar one day.
February 7/2016
I worked with some pretty amazing people on the Neon Nights trailer yesterday. I can’t wait to see it.
January 2/2016
Goodbye #2015! Wow you came and left in a heart beat. Kinda like a one night stand lol. We had some good times and some bad times. We laughed, we cried and we fought. Made some new friends and re-connected with some old ones. The year has taught me to be patient and don’t panic even when everything is going completely wrong. To just stick with it and roll with the punches. Believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything will work itself out.It’s almost been two since I have left Vancouver. I have no regrets it’s making me into the man I want to be. I still have a lot to learn but I am in the right mind set. Toronto has been everything I have hoped it would be. In my short time there I have already met all the major casting directors and had the most auditions I have ever had in a year. I’ve been able to sustain myself by living as a artist without a day job which was one of my biggest concerns moving into a new city. I also had my biggest pay cheque since I’ve been in the industry. I know if I continue to work on my craft, create my our work and stick with it things will happen. This year I have seen many of my friends take it to the next level. So I know it is possible.‪#‎ChangeIsComing‬

In the new year I hope to create more opportunities for myself. To continue to grow and learn more about the human behavior. Also making new friends and preserving the friendships that I have made in the past. I want to thank all my friends that helped me get through the year. Having you all around has made this journey a very pleasant one. Also my friends that helped me with my auditions. So nice to be able to count on yalls for help. It is greatly appreciated. I love you all. You know who you are.

I wish all my family and friends a year of health, wealth and happiness. And if you cant have all three settle for having 2/3 and get the third the following year. All the best in 2016.

January 2/2016

I finally found some time to watch Blood and Water. I am so proud of my friends Simu Liu, Osric Chau, Loretta Yu and Elfina Luk . You all did a fantastic job. This is a great Canadian TV show following the lives of a Chinese family. ‪#‎ChangeIsComing‬ . I recommend checking out the show if you haven’t already.

November 24 / 2015

Shot a Green Shield Canada Insurance commercial today. The crew and cast were amazing to work with.
November 15 / 2015
Went to see my friends play today. Banana Boys staring my friends Simu Liu, Matthew Gin and Philip Nozuka . Great job! You guys did a fantastic job. Very entertaining to watch you all perform.
November 5 / 2015
I just found out from my agent I booked a commercial. Woohoo! Thank you universe.
October 25 / 2015
Filming a indy project this weekend with director Andrew Chung.
October 15 / 2015 – Breaking the Rules is being featured on the National Screen Institute Online Film Festival! Check it out if you haven’t already seen it.
September 29 / 2015 – I am stoked! I just signed on to work on a project with director Andrew Chung. I’m a huge fan of his work.
July 8 / 2015 – I had a great time going back to Vancouver for a couple of weeks and catching up with family and friends. Also visited San Francisco. What a beautiful city with so many historical landmarks to see. But now I am back in Toronto. Time to get back into game mode. Let the auditions start pouring in again.
May 15 / 2015 – Been up for about 33 hours. Did a double shift. Now I gotta prepare for two auditions. Sleep for what?! Just thankful to be busy.
April 27 / 2015 – The Crimson Defender vs. The Slightly Racist Family won for Best Ensemble cast and runner up for Best Comedy at The Asian on Film Festival. The film was also official selections for the Los Angeles Cinefest, Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival, Asian Pacific American Film Festival and Reel World Festival.
April 19 / 2015 – I had a blast shooting the Air Canada print ad!! What a splendid group of people to work with. They even gave me a manicure too!
April 9 /2015 – I just found out I booked the Air Canada print ad campaign.
April 2 / 2015 – After working on set till 7am and only getting an hour and a half sleep. Then going to a audition. It’s time to get some well deserve rest.
 March 31 / 2015 – This time one year ago I decided to make the biggest decision of my life by leaving everything behind in Vancouver to go to Toronto to pursue my dreams. It has been a great move for my career and my life. I am definitely more motivated than I have ever been. Sometimes change is a scary thing. But if it scares you then you should probably do it. What your really scared of is the unknown but it is the unknown that will help you grow and challenge you so that you live to the fullest. You would be surprised how exciting it is to not knowing where your going or to get lost. February 2015 set records for the coldest Toronto has ever been. And I survived it. Thanks to my Canada Goose for that! I would encourage anyone that wants to try living in a different city to do it. What’s the worst that can happen? You can always go back home.
March 24 / 2015 – Oh wow I got my first residual cheque today!! LOL! I was like why is the union sending me money…
March 23 / 2015 – Thank you for the great memories Steve Nash! You were a great player and a inspiration to us all. Go Canada!! I had dreams to play in the NBA too. But I didn’t have a jumper like his. 
March 5 / 2015 – I had a great time at the ‪‎Reel World Film Festival! Congrats to all the films. Job well done!
March 2 / 2015 –  Come and see me at the Reel World Festival where you can also watch The Crimson Defender vs. The Slightly Racist Family. Thursday, March 5 at 6:30pm Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre in downtown Toronto. 
February 23 / 2015 – That was a interesting Oscars 2015 ‪‎. Congratulations to all the winners. I have some ‪‎movies to catch up on.
February 21 / 2015 – I had the best time at the ACTRA Awards tonight!  Congratulations to the winners.‪ Thank you for throwing a great party !
February 20 / 2015 – Happy Chinese New Years everyone!
February 17 / 2015 – Okay after 4 straight hours of writing and barely keeping my eyes open its time to hit the sack. Back at it tomorrow!
February 16 / 2015 – I just got Final Draft. Time to finished up my ‪ short film . 
January 20 / 2015 – What a great week! There were some explosions and shooting on set. I overcame one of my phobias. “If it scares you then you should do it” And caught up with some old friends.
January 19 / 2015 – The film Next Like staring Osric Chau and myself recently got accepted into the CAAMfest. 
January 1 / 2015 – Happy New Year! 2014 was a very interesting year for me. I parted ways with my agent. I was with her since the very beginning. Signed with a new agent. I was very pleased with the change. After thinking long and hard I decided to move out of my hometown Vancouver and head over to the east coast Toronto. That was a big step for me. I was surprised that the transition was very smooth. Definitely helps to have friends in the city. I also made some new friends that have similar goals as myself. This has kept me focused and more driven than ever. I now have a agent in the East coast as well. This has opened up more opportunity for me than I could have ever imagined. I cant wait to see whats in store for 2015. Hopefully I come out it being a better version of Owen Kwong.
December 2/2014 – Back in Vancouver for the holidays. 
November 29/2014 – Shooting on the set of  Crimson Defender vs. The Slightly Racist Family. I had a blast working with my good friend Simu Liu.
November 20/2014 – Catch me on Covert Affairs tonight on SHOWCASE or check your local listings. 
November 14/2014 – The film Next Like was featured on the Vancity Buzz.
November 13/2014 – Today I shot a Tim Horton’s print ad with Jason Stang. It was fun working with the team.
October 21/2014 – Next Like was nominated for Best Canadian Short at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival aka VAFF.
September 16/2014 – Next Like was accepted to the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival aka PAAFF
September 14/2014 – Next Like got into IFFCA in Los Angeles
September 12/2014 – Next Like was accepted into the Edmonton International Film Festival.
August 21/2014 – I had a blast working on Covert Affairs today. I had the great honor of working with director Christine Moore. It was a pleasure to also act along side with Kari Matchett and Nic Bishop.
August 15/2014 – I just found out I booked Covert Affairs Season 5. Starring Piper Perabo and Peter Gallagher. I am very grateful for this role. 
May 8/2014 – And that is a wrap!! Just finished shooting for the film Next Like. I had a blast working with my good friend Osric Chau. 
February 18/2014 – I modeled for a real estate development project with photographer Clinston Hussey today. I had a blast working with him and his team. I cant wait to see the picture!
February 16/2014 – I shot with the renowned photographer Joe McNally today. He took pictures for The National Geographic for 20 years, also shot cover stories for Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, Geo, Fortune, New York, Business Week, LIFE and Men’s Journal, among others. I hope I get the honor to shoot with him again. 
February 14/2014 – I booked a modeling shoot for a real estate development. Happy Valentines day to me. Thank you universe! 
 December 7/2013 – In this months issue of BACON magazine. I had a interview with Christel Laycock about myself and  the film industry in Vancouver . 
November 10/2013 – Come and see me on Breaking the Rules by Kathy Leung today @2:15pm Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas, 88 West Pender Street, Vancouver
October 23/2013 – You can catch me on Arrow tonight!!
 August 13 /2013 – What a wicked day working on the set of Arrow. I did some cool fighting choreography today.  It was a pleasure working with Caity Lotz and Glen Winter. 
June 28/2013 – I will be in the 1st anniversary edition of FreshlyWorn Magazine. Don’t forget to pick up a copy.
May 4/2013 –  Working with two very talented actors Sachin Sahel and Elena Juatco on the set of Rules of Engagement. I cant wait to see the end results.
April 23/ 2013 – I just booked a comedy film. Shooting in May.
January 6 / 2013 – Catch me on CTV news tonight!
September 24/2012 – In today’s Sing Tao Daily newspaper and Metro newspaper.
September 10/2012 – I just found out I booked a lead role on a independent film called Broken Sword.
July 31/2012 – Filming on Dark Universe with Aleks Paunovic today.
July 23/2012 – I just got offered a role on Dark Universe today. Thank you Universe!! Its looking very bright for me. 
June 13/2012 – What an amazing day shooting with the very talented Jerry Ghionis
February 20/2012 – Catch me on tonight’s episode of JJ Abram’s Alcatraz.
December 14 / 2009 – In this months issue of Just a lil Hype.